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Seadmok is a utility contractor located in Howard County MD. Our mission is to improve the functionality of water and sewer distribution systems.

Sedmok was a family owned company that originated in West Africa, Ghana. The name Sedmok was a combination of our CEO's parents and siblings first name initials. Sedmok was a food exporting company. The company exported palm oil, peanut butter, fresh pepper & other local goods to the United States and the United Kingdom.

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On behalf of Seadmok Water Construction, I would like to welcome you to our website. I am pleased that you are interested in learning more about the many services our company offers.

Sidney D.K Sogbor

Chief Executive Officer

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Sewer Services

Seadmok Water and Sewer Service

Septic Tank Removal/ Abandonment

Remove and or abandons out or service septic tanks.

Case Study: Georgia Grace Café

A client needed a contractor to install a fire line for her new restaurant. She acquired two side by side buildings and gutted them for space to build. She received three quotes including Seadmoks. First was for $77K, second was for $64k, and the third was Seadmok for $52k. This was in old Ellicott City and this particular area are known for huge rocks. This made all contractors who submitted a bid increase their pricing. Not only did Seadmok acquire the contract, but we also completed the entire project in 27 hours straight. Georgia Grace Café is now open for business.

What we did:

  • Abandoned two domestic water house connections.
  • Installed a 6x4 tee on a 6” water main
  • Installed a 4” valve
  • Cored a 2ft thick wall
  • Ran a 4” DIP line into the building
  • Performed a pressure test on the Tee connection
  • Backfilled and stabilized trench
  • Final asphalt restoration

What our client’s says

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love to be a part of this construction have experienced taking out putting in new pipes count me in looking for work

Marlon McClure

Seadmok Water Howard County MD S Logo

Excellent, Quality, Service and Value from a company you can Trust to provide you with superior support for all your water distribution needs!

Brian Slate

Seadmok Water Howard County MD S Logo

Seadmok is responsive, timely and affordable and provides superior quality work. We would not be able to be open without them.

Georgia Grace Cafe

Seadmok Water Howard County MD S Logo

We had a wonderful experience with Sidney and his Seadmok team. He is professional, competent and was careful of our property and that of our neighbors as he installed our new water line. Highly recommend his company

Diane Seibert

Seadmok Water Howard County MD S Logo

I needed a water main put in for my new restaurant location. Seadmok got the job done! They provided quality work in a timely fashion at a reasonable cost. I would not be open without them!!

Paula Dwyer

Seadmok Water Howard County MD S Logo

Seadmok installed a new water line service on the “private” side from a meter vault (he installed) into the home on day 1, and on the “public” side from the main to the meter vault on day 2.The public side was half the price of the other contractor bidding, and the private side was competitive. We were super pleased with his responsiveness to our schedule needs. Our neighbor with the immaculate yard was impressed with Seadmok’s closure of the hole accessing the main in his yard and the replacement of the original sod.[read more]

John Seibert


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